WITH AN all-new 26 episode season coming in october!


At Graveyard Carz, no classic Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge is too rusted - or has too many missing parts - for it not to get restored. 

This October, the Mopar Morticians led by Mark Worman return to get their hands dirty with what will likely be one of the craziest and most entertaining seasons yet. 

Of course, it wouldn't be Graveyard Carz without the team playing practical jokes on each other while they work on other Mopars in the queue, including a 1969 Hemi Road Runner Convertible - the only one to ever be manufactured in Q5 Seafoam Turquoise 

With the new year ahead of them, these Mopar surgeons are dead set on resurrecting some of the best Mopars to ever leave the show-room floor. 


Mark Worman

Two words: Mopar Guru. In the world of Chrysler muscle cars Mark has very few equals. He is self described as both a "natural comedian" and "the greatest Mopar restoration technician the world has ever known".

No hope for humbleness, Mark is loud, opinionated and the ultimate Mopar geek.

Royal Yoakum

Royal is Mark's best friend and go to guy for all things car related. Royal cut his teeth working in a variety of auto repair facilities but his day job is carpentry.

Truly a jack of all trades. When it comes to brakes, wheels, and the like, Royal is on top of it.

Allysa Rose

Mark's daughter Allysa is the principle researcher, collecting background info on some of the rarest cars in existence and recording their stories.

She began at GYC in Season 1 and after a whirlwind of marriage, children, school, and career changes, she is back. The best thing about Allysa is she can go toe to toe with her dad and call him out on his B.S.

Will Scott

Starting right out of high school as a painter, Will has worked for Mark longer than any other employee.

Mark claims that he taught Will everything he knows, but Will begs to differ. Mark admits that Will is the only painter who can keep up with his standards, but he won't admit that Will can also keep up with his rapid fire wit. 

Dave Rea

Dave is a consummate professional and super Mopar geek. He's a hardcore fan of the show and a self taught restoration technician.

He's also the only one on the crew who can keep up with Mark when he rattles off codes. The only real problem with Dave, is he looks up to Mark as a role model.




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